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The Dark Gods of JADE

It is thought the Dark Gods occupy pocket HELL dimensions somewhere in the "Shadowlands".

Torkas – Lord of Storms – depicted as a Storm Giant/Pirate/Whaler in a flying galleon. Ten years ago it is thought that he finally escaped physical imprisonment in the world of JADE and his ship sailed beyond the sky.

Morlock – Lord of Nightmares & Visions. He is sometimes referred to as the "Shepherd of Man" as he has sometimes intervened to stop the destruction of the human race by one of the other Dark Gods. Worshipped by the insane, by drug-crazed cults. depicted as a young boy with angel wings.

Arachne – spider goddess – insane, rules over the Dark Elves.

Lillith – The White Queen – The only one of the Dark Gods who lives in the real world. she inhabits the bodies of a succession of women in the Far North, beyond the White Mountains. there she rules over the nations of Giants, Orcs and Ogres. It is her Orc Legions that have occupied the country of Ustergard. 2,000 years ago, her armies almost conquered the entire northern continent but the Three Gods appeared in dreams to the last humans (and Durin appeared to the last dwarves) and the new powers of the first clerics, turned the tide of battle. Before this there were no Gods of Men and people worshipped the Dark Gods or worshipped Elementals and Beast Lords.

Hista – Lord of Serpents, Dragons – mainly worshipped by the Southlanders, but also by some Goblin and Lizardman tribes.


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